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Murder Mystery Events

Murder Mystery Themes

Here are some of the Murder Themes we can do:

Hi De Homicide
Holiday Camp capers with the Greencoats of Camp Windyside,  who all want to be greencoat of the year at any cost, an evening of fun and games for all to join in with a Murder to solve.

Xmas Hi De Homicide

Christmas capers at the Holiday Camp with a Murder to solve. A party atmosphere with Xmas fun and games. 

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A Marriage of Murder
A Wedding is taking place, but this is not such a happy occasion, as it is about to end in Murder.  Can be performed in a church etc. As a wedding ceremony or in an hotel, hall etc. as a wedding reception.
Mystic Murder
Set in a haunted building. A paranormal investigator and famous psychic will take you on a ghost hunt. A seance is held ending in murder. Can you survive the night? A scary, suspense filled psychic experience.
Lethal Legacy
Someone has died and left a legacy, everyone wants their share, but was the untimely death Murder? Set in the Roaring 1920s with lots of fun. 
A Party to Murder
A Birthday Party or other celebration party - A fun filled atmosphere with music, dancing and death!
The Commune Killing
Set in a 1960s Hippy Commune, but these hippies may not be all about Love and Peace, but Murder.
Panto Crime
The local Am. Dram are holding their Annual Fancy Dress Christmas Party but this year its Murder!  The actors will be dressed as pantomime characters. A festive party atmosphere with Christmas songs and fun.
Midsummer Murder

It's the Annual Garden Party, or Tea Party at the Manor but someone has more than tea and scones on their mind,  Can be performed in or outdoors, weather permitting. Can be set in Victorian or modern times.

Ello, Ello, it's Murder
Set in a wartime cafe not unlike a certain TV series. A German soldier has been murdered and all at Cafe Ronay are suspects. French waitressess will serve food and wine while Ronay's wife will perform her cabaret and a certain famous painting will be hidden under one of the tablecloths. Can you help Herr Fluck solve the crime before everyone is shot?
The Abbots Family Murder
Set in the Spooky Old Hall of a weird family, again not unlike a certain TV series. The family are holding a wake for a recently departed member but the death was not due to natural causes. Lynch the butler will serve at the tables and 'Thing', the hand servant, will hand out the paperwork.
Medieval Murder
A Medieval Murder Mystery, set at the court of Hamalot, with the knights of the square table, swashbuckling fun with the men in tights and ladies of court.
View To A Killing

Set in the Casino Royale, can you help the 00 Agents solve a vicious murder? But in the world of international espionage nothing is as it seems, expect an action packed evening of excitement and drama. 

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Murder on the Buses
Set on a Bus or Coach trip, this holiday journey is about to end abruptly for one of the passengers, can be performed on real Bus or Coach journeys or in Transport Museums or stationary vehicles.
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A Fete Worse Than Death
The Village Fete should be a happy event, but not this year. The event is about to end in a terrible fate for one of the villagers as their fate will be Death by Murder.
Murder in Space
You are onboard a spaceship. A murder has been committed, the ship crippled and adrift in space with an enemy alien ship fast approaching and, in space, no one can hear you scream. An evening of suspense filled sci-fi fun.
Pirates of the North Seas
Set sail with the motley crew of the Black Diamond to find  Blackbeard's Treasure, but beware, this bunch will stop at nothing to get their way.
Dancing to Death
It's the final of the Dancing Championships and someone will stop at nothing, including Murder to win!